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Taiga Eco Rating

Taiga Eco Rating

Our sustainability criteria

Mit unserem Taiga Eco Rating legen wir großen Wert auf Transparenz und haben daher spezielle Kriterien erarbeitet, nach denen wir die Produkte in unserem Shop 
genau unter die Lupe nehmen. Unsere Nachhaltigkeitskriterien
sind klar formuliert und bilden die Grundlage unseres Online-Shops. Um ein ganzheitliches Bild über die Nachhaltigkeit der Produkte zu bekommen, achten wir bei unseren Kriterien explizit darauf, die Umweltauswirkungen im gesamten Produktlebenszyklus zu betrachten.

Take a look at what that means exactly now!

 | taiga.green | taiga.green

 | taiga.greenEach of the 5 sustainability criteria is made up of different characteristics that are tested individually. In total, more than 25 characteristics, the available certificates and seals, as well as information from manufacturers and suppliers are checked for each product. 

An example: The criterion Sustainable materials evaluates whether the product is made entirely or partially from natural or recycled or recyclable materials and whether it is petroleum- or plastic-free.

For each characteristic a defined number of points must be achieved. The total number of points results in the sustainability rating for this criterion.

In this example, the Sustainable Materials criterion can reach the 3 levels:

1. Unsustainable

2. sustainable

3. especially sustainable

If a certain criterion is Unsustainable , we either do not have data on a particular criterion or insufficient characteristics have been met.

For us to finally include a product in our store, at least two sustainability criteria must be classified as sustainable OR one criterion as very sustainable.

We would like to point out that in applying our criteria, we can only use the data we have. If a product is not labeled as "(particularly) sustainable" in a criterion, this may be because we lack the relevant information. However, we work closely with our manufacturers to close these possible gaps as quickly as possible.

In doing so, it is our ambition to actively work on improved evaluation methods for our products in cooperation with industry, research and NGOs and thus come a little closer to our goal.

Understanding sustainability. And live it.

Sustainability is not just a buzzword for us, no, we want to live it. It should therefore not only be reflected in our product range. Don't get us wrong, of course the careful selection of suitable products and the examination of their manufacturers is an important step, but for us sustainability means so much more.

As an online store, we see it as our responsibility to also take a close look at our own actions: From your visit to our website, to the ordering and delivery process, to our everyday life in the office. Our aspiration is to live sustainability in all these areas in the future and thus to deal responsibly with our nature.

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