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Seal & Certificates

Seal & Certificates

Are you looking for a product with a special "Vegan" seal? Thanks to our detailed filter function, you can display products with the corresponding seal with just one click.

Seals of approval and certifications provide information about standards such as the quality, sustainability and manufacturing methods of a product. However, it is easy to lose track of the large number of seals.

Because hand on heart: Who knows the exact difference between the PEFC label and the FSC label? In addition, there are differences in seals with regard to their inspection criteria.

With us you don't have to worry about seals!

With our Taiga Eco Rating we want to make it easy for you and evaluate all products in depth for their degree of sustainability. You can always find the rating of each product on the respective product page.

Nevertheless, here you will find a legend of common seals and certifications that we carry:

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B Corporation

B Corp certification is a third-party certification standard that assesses a company's impact on all stakeholders. B Corps are committed to considering all stakeholders so that their corporate purpose goes beyond the pure profit motive.

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Biodegradable according to OECD 301

The tests of the OECD test series 301 (A - F) demonstrate rapid and complete biodegradation under aerobic conditions. Different test methods are available for well or poorly soluble as well as for volatile substances. If a substance does not reach the criterion for easy biodegradation (mostly more than 60% degradation), the inherent biodegradation is tested in the next hierarchy level (OECD 302).

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Blue Angel

The seal identifies paper that is 100% made from recovered paper (DE-UZ 14a). The seal identifies detergents and cleaning agents that have been manufactured in such a way that their production, use and disposal are as environmentally compatible and health-friendly as possible, and they are intended to help reduce and avoid risks to the environment and human health from the use of hazardous substances and to minimize packaging waste. The conservation of natural resources is also an important concern of the eco-label.

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Cosmos Natural

This signature certifies all products that meet all Cosmos standards, but where less than 20 % of the total product is of organic origin.

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Cruelty free - PETA

PETA Cruelty Free means that a company does not allow animal testing for its products or ingredients.

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The Green Dot

The green dot belongs to the dual systems and is responsible for ensuring that emptied packaging waste is collected, recycled and reintroduced into the cycle.

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EU Ecolable

EU Ecolabel-certified laundry detergents and household cleaners meet high standards that reduce their environmental impact across multiple stages of the product life cycle, from raw material extraction and production to use and disposal. The EU Ecolabel is awarded to products that are particularly sustainably designed, promote innovation and contribute to the EU's 2050 climate neutrality target and the circular economy.

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Fair for Life

The seal identifies products from socially responsible and environmentally friendly cultivation that have also been traded under fair conditions. The Fair for Life seal can be found on meat and dairy, vegetables, fruit, spices, coffee and tea, beverages and cosmetic products.

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The aim of Fairtrade is to improve trading conditions for disadvantaged agricultural producers and workers in developing countries. For example, producers should benefit from fair prices and the establishment of long-term trading relationships. To obtain Fairtrade certification, producers, traders and companies must comply with social, environmental and economic standards.

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In principle, all products bearing the GOTS seal must be made of at least 70 percent organically produced natural fibers; it then bears the designation "made from x% kbA/kbT fibers". The entire production chain, "from field to fashion", must be certified before statements about GOTS can be made.

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ISO 16128

The ISO 16128 - standard is a standard for cosmetic ingredients and finished cosmetic products. This standard allows the degree of natural or biological origin to be determined numerically, making it easy to compare individual raw materials and finished products with each other.

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Leaping Bunny

The Leaping Bunny seal is awarded by Cruelty Free International, an international network of animal welfare organizations. The seal is based on the Humane Household Products Standard. It distinguishes products that holistically avoid animal testing.

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Products that advertise with the NATRUE seal & meet the following criteria: Use of natural and organic ingredients, Gentle manufacturing process, Environmentally friendly practices. Refrain from: synthetic fragrances and dyes, ingredients from petroleum chemistry, silicone oils and derivatives, genetically modified ingredients, irradiation of finished products or botanical ingredients.

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NCP (Natural Care Product)

The NCP seal is awarded to companies for a product that is manufactured as naturally as possible. Explicitly banned are a whole range of substances that have long been criticized for their health effects, for example: PEG and PEG derivatives, synthetic fragrances, mercury, plasticizers (phthalates), musk compounds, organohalogen compounds.

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Nordic Swan Eco Lable

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel aims to reduce the environmental impact of the production and consumption of goods and services. Nordic Swan Ecolabel certification is possible in 54 different product groups, covering more than 200 different product types.

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Austrian Ecolabel

Detergents & cleaning agents: In the case of fragrances and preservatives, particular importance was attached to reducing allergenic substances as far as possible. Reducing water pollution: All chemicals used must be as degradable as possible. Saving packaging: The weight of the packaging in relation to the product must be as low as possible. In addition, only combinations of materials that do not interfere with recyclability are permitted for plastic packaging.

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Plastic Free

This certification standard allows brands and companies to demonstrate that their products and/or packaging are 100 % plastic-free. To be considered plastic-free, Control Union uses defined criteria to check whether a product and/or packaging is made from compostable materials or from other materials such as glass, wood or metal.

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USDA Organic

This certification standard allows brands and companies to demonstrate that their products and/or packaging are 100 % plastic-free. To be considered plastic-free, Control Union uses defined criteria to check whether a product and/or packaging is made from compostable materials or from other materials such as glass, wood or metal.

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Vegan (Vegan Society)

The seal identifies vegan products. That is, products in which no animal ingredients are contained. The contact in the German-speaking area is the Vegan Society Austria.

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Organic seal

The organic seal identifies products from controlled organic cultivation (kbA). The aim is to promote organic farming through clearly defined legal regulations. Based on the EU organic regulation, the same criteria apply for the organic seal as for the EU organic seal. The organic seal can be displayed on products in addition to the (mandatory) EU organic seal.

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Biodegradable according to OECD 302

The tests of the OECD test series 302 (A - C) demonstrate a limited, but in principle still possible biodegradability of the tested chemical. Substances that pass such tests are considered to be fundamentally or inherently biodegradable.

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Cradle to Cradle

The aim is to promote an economic system without waste. This means that all materials used in a product can be recycled or biodegraded. The seal recognizes products that use materials that are environmentally safe, pose no health risks and are recyclable. Certification is awarded at Basic, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum levels, with a product getting closer and closer to the perfect cycle, the C2C ideal, as the level increases.

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Cosmos Organic

All Cosmos standards are met. At least 20 % of the total product must be organic. Products consisting of 80 % of minerals or ingredients of mineral origin must be 10 % of the total product organic.

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CSE (Certified Sustainable Economics)

The products that a CSE company produces or offers must be organic or natural products (production) or offer added value in terms of sustainability (service provider). At least 75 % of the mass produced must meet an organic or natural product standard. The other 25 % are also subject to ecological criteria.

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Products that have managed to obtain this seal have proven their safety in local and time-limited epicutaneous tests. The respective test period is noted on the seal. Excellent safety for your skin!

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EU organic seal

The EU organic seal identifies products from controlled organic cultivation (kbA). The aim is to promote organic farming through clearly defined legal regulations.

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Fair Rubber

Fair Rubber e. V. campaigns for fair conditions for latex tappers and awards products that have been produced in compliance with the guidelines. In addition to an additional fair trade premium of € 0.50 per kg of dry rubber mass, a regular income is created that helps small farmers and their families to live a better life.

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The FSC seal stands for the environmentally friendly, socially beneficial and at the same time economically viable management of forests. The FSC develops internationally uniform requirements. At the national level, these are adapted to the respective country.

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Home Compostable

Home Compostable products and materials are designed to degrade and compost in a home composting environment at ambient temperatures and with a natural microbial community. In Europe, this certificate is awarded by TÜV Austria under the name "OK compost HOME" and is based on the EN 13432 standard. The material must have degraded to min. 90% within six months in the home compost.

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Climate Neutral

The ClimatePartner seal identifies climate-neutral products or their packaging, services or companies. For this purpose, the CO2 emissions are calculated and the emissions are offset by supporting a climate protection project. In this way, companies are sensitized to climate protection and consumers are given the opportunity to consume in a climate-neutral way.

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Made Safe

When a product carries the MADE SAFE seal, it means that the product has been manufactured with safe ingredients, i.e. without toxic substances known or suspected to be harmful to health.

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The label sets high ecological standards for the cultivation and processing of food and takes social aspects into account, such as the exclusion of child labor or respect for human rights. With its strict criteria, Naturland goes beyond the minimum standards of the EU organic label.

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NCS Natural Cosmetics (Natural Cosmetic Standard)

The requirement for all four NCS seals is that they may only contain natural substances of plant, animal or mineral origin or nature-identical substances. Natural substances from living animals are permitted, but not from dead animals. The natural substances used should preferably be of certified organic origin, if available.

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Oeko-Tex Standard 100

OEKO-TEX consists of 18 independent research and testing institutes in Europe and Japan with testing laboratories in over 80 countries. The seal aims at the reduction of harmful substances. If a textile article has been awarded the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX label, all components of this article, i.e. also all threads, buttons and other accessories, have been tested for harmful substances so that the article is harmless to health. The proof of this is done by testing the final products for harmful chemicals.

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This management is controlled by competent and independent organizations. If a product made of wood bears the PEFC seal, this means that the entire product manufacturing process - from the raw material to the ready-to-use end product - is certified and controlled by independent experts. Sustainable forest management means, for example: No more wood is cut than will grow back. The rights of the people who live in and/or depend on the forest (for example, forest farmers or indigenous peoples in South America) are safeguarded.

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The UEBT certification seal is awarded to companies that meet the criteria of the UEBT Standard for Respectful Procurement. UEBT is a non-profit association that promotes respectful procurement. We work to regenerate nature and secure a better future for people through the ethical sourcing of biodiversity ingredients.

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Vegan - PETA Approved

PETA specifies vegan products as products that do not come from animals, such as silk, wool, down, fur or leather. The subsequent license agreement with PETA can be concluded either for the entire company or for individual products.

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Vegan (Vegetarian Society)

The V-Label is an internationally protected brand for the labeling of vegetarian and vegan products. Products licensed with the V-Label are checked for their composition and every step of production.

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