Sort & Go waste garbage can 25l


  • Fits everywhere
  • No unsightly bag edge
  • Recyclable after use to 100%

Delivery time: 1-3 workdays


Delivery Time: 1-3 working days

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Don't waste time thinking about waste disposal and organize waste separation once and for all with the 25 liter Sort & Go Recycle garbage can from Brabantia. A beautiful, space-saving solution for separating, collecting & transporting waste. Feed it with your empty packaging, bottles, cans and anything else you want to separate. It fits nicely in any corner, flat against the wall - you can even hang it up. It's easy to clean and has a large handle for easy carrying and emptying. Have fun separating your trash!

Our Brabantia Sort & Go 25 liter waste garbage cans are available in different colors:

  • Gray
  • Light gray
  • Green

That is why this product is super:                                                   

  • Fits everywhere
  • Quick emptying - practical carrying handle and bottom handle
  • Easy to clean by hand
  • No unsightly bag edge
  • Recyclable after use to 100%
Application & Notes
  • Application area: kitchen, bathroom, office and living room
  • Use the wall bracket as a template to mark the drill holes
  • Be careful not to drill into gas, water or power lines
  • Too heavy a load on the cabinet door can cause damage to the hinges of the doors
  • When drilling the holes, be careful not to drill through the material. Check that the screws are compatible with the thickness of the cabinet before attaching the waste garbage can. -If the construction of the kitchen or bathroom cabinet is light, we recommend attaching the bin to the cabinet side wall
  • Load capacity: 6L/4KG - 12L/6KG - 16L/7KG
  • For permanent use with maximum load, we recommend placing on the floor instead of mounting on the wall
  • For questions and further comments, please visit

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Item number: 16SG02-25
Manufacturer: Brabantia
Packaging unit: 1 trash can, 25l
Scope of delivery: Brabantia Sort & Go waste garbage can
Dimensions & Weight: W: 26.8cm, D: 34.5cm, H: 40.1cm & 1.3kg

Taiga Eco Rating

Sustainable materials
sustainable material

This product scores in at least 25% of our sustainable materials characteristics, meeting our sustainable materials requirements. Sustainability starts with the materials. That's why, when evaluating this criterion, we look closely at whether the product is made of natural or recycled or recyclable materials, and whether it is petroleum- or plastic-free. In addition, we pay attention to whether the materials are locally and organically grown.

Responsible production
Unsustainable production

Unfortunately, this product still scores in too few of our characteristics for sustainable manufacturing. This does not mean that the product is generally not sustainable, only that there is potential for more sustainability in the area of manufacturing. Manufacturing is an essential step in the life cycle of a product. This includes whether a product is manufactured without animal testing or the use of critical substances such as genetically modified plants or palm oil. We also take a close look at whether it is produced locally and in a CO2-neutral manner. In addition, we check whether social sustainability, such as fair wages, is observed during production.

Sustainable packaging
Unsustainable packaging

Unfortunately, this product still scores in too few of our characteristics for sustainable packaging. This does not mean that the product is generally not sustainable, only in the area of packaging there is potential for more sustainability in our view. The packaging of a product has a major impact on the environment. If the product has packaging, we therefore carefully check whether it is made of recycled materials and/or is itself recyclable. Plastic-free packaging and packaging that can be returned to a reusable system or that stands out due to particularly intelligent and sustainable packaging design perform better in our eyes.