Organic Neck Cushion

  • Pleasant warmth and relaxation in the neck area
  • For microwave or oven
  • Made in workshops for people with disabilities

Delivery time: 4-6 working days


Delivery Time: 4-6 working days

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Experience pure relaxation and pain relief for your shoulder and neck area with the Grünspecht Organic Neck Cushion.

Grünspecht Organic Neck Cushion is a versatile heat cushion that can be used specifically for muscle tension, muscle pain or simply to warm up cold parts of the body. The filling of fine rapeseed gently adapts to your individual body shape. This natural filler stores heat efficiently and releases it in doses to provide you with long-lasting warmth and relaxation.

The application is very simple. You can conveniently heat the neck croissant in the microwave or oven for instant relief. Grünspecht attaches great importance to environmental friendliness and sustainability. Their organic neck croissant is made from carefully selected organic cotton and rapeseed from controlled organic cultivation. In addition, it is handmade in workshops for people with disabilities.

Enjoy the soothing warmth and relaxation of the Grünspecht organic neck pillow - your faithful companion for pain-free and relaxing moments. At the same time you actively contribute to environmental friendliness, because it is also easy to dispose of and durable.

Why this product is great:

  • Pleasant warmth and relaxation in the neck area
  • For microwave or oven
  • Filling: Rapeseed (organic)
  • Fabric: 100 % cotton (organic)
  • Made in Germany
  • Medical devices
  • Made in workshops for people with disabilities
Application & Notes
  • Before heating the pad, check for atypical odor, foxing or burn marks and discard immediately if present.
  • The following options are available for heating:
    • Heat in non-preheated oven at max. 110 °C for max. 5 min.
    • Heat in the microwave at max. 300 watts for max. 2 minutes (follow the microwave manufacturer's instructions!). If the product is not felt to be warm enough, extend the heating in 15 second increments at the specified wattage under personal supervision up to a maximum temperature of 48° C.
    • Place on a hand-warm radiator or tiled stove for a longer period of time
  • Immediately after heating, distribute the heat evenly in the pillow by shaking! During the first heating, there may be a slight formation of moisture on the surface, but this will disappear with repeated applications.
  • Do not wash the Organic Neck Cushion to prevent rot/mold growth!
  • Store product in a dry place!
  • Protect from moisture!

Fabric: 100 % cotton (organic)
Filling: Rapeseed (organic)


Item Number: 08-10212
Manufacturer: Grünspecht
EAN: 4260018196669
Packing unit: 1 pcs.
Scope of delivery: organic neck crook

Taiga Eco Rating

Sustainable materials
especially sustainable Material

This product scores in at least 50% of our sustainable materials characteristics, making it especially sustainable. Sustainability starts with the materials. That's why, when evaluating this criterion, we look closely at whether the product is made of natural or recycled or recyclable materials, and whether it is petroleum- or plastic-free. We also look to see if the materials are locally and organically grown.

Responsible production
especially sustainable Production

This product scores in at least 50% of our sustainable manufacturing characteristics, making it especially sustainable. Manufacturing is an essential step in the life cycle of a product. This includes whether a product is manufactured without animal testing or the use of critical substances such as genetically modified crops or palm oil. We also take a close look at whether it is produced locally and in a CO2-neutral manner. In addition, we check whether social sustainability, such as fair wages, is observed during production.

Sustainable packaging
sustainable packaging

This product scores in at least 25% of our sustainable packaging characteristics, thus meeting our sustainable packaging requirements. The packaging of a product has a major impact on the environment. Therefore, if the product has packaging, we carefully consider whether it is made of recycled materials and/or is itself recyclable. Plastic-free packaging and packaging that can be returned to a reusable system or that stands out due to particularly intelligent and sustainable packaging design score better with us.

Environmentally friendly use
especially sustainable Use

This product scores in at least 50% of our characteristics for environmentally friendly use, making it particularly sustainable. Even during your use, a product has an impact on the environment. That's why we look at whether you can save resources such as energy, water or material with the product. It is also important to us whether a product is repairable, durable and/or refillable.

unsustainable cycle capability

Unfortunately, this product still scores in too few of our characteristics for sustainable recyclability. This does not mean that the product is generally not sustainable, only that there is potential for more sustainability in the area of recyclability. A major challenge for sustainability is the integration of products into the biological and technical cycle. It is important here whether a product is recyclable, biodegradable or industrially or at home compostable. We also rate positively if the manufacturer offers a take-back system for the product and transfers it back into the cycle itself. Unfortunately, this product does not score in any of our characteristics for comprehensive recyclability.

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