Natural rubber hot water bottle with organic cover 2l

  • Washable cover
  • Natural alternative to synthetically produced petroleum products
  • Cover made of 100 % cotton (kbA)

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Delivery time: 4-6 working days

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Grünspecht hot water bottles provide soothing warmth and provide relaxing moments. When the natural rubber hot water bottle is filled with warm water, it stores the heat and releases it evenly to the body. The washable cover made of 100 % cotton (kbA) provides a soft, pleasant feeling during use. Unlike many conventional hot water bottles, our hot water bottle contains natural rubber. It is therefore a natural alternative to synthetically produced petroleum products. This natural rubber hot water bottle is produced according to the high quality standard BS 1970:2012.

That's why this product is great:

  • Washable cover
  • Natural alternative to synthetically produced petroleum products
  • Tested quality according to BS 1970:2012
  • Capacity: 2 l
  • Cover made of 100 % cotton (kbA)
  • Material: natural rubber


Application & Notes

The natural rubber hot water bottle is filled with warm water and releases heat to the human body. The hot water bottle can be used for heat applications for general cold feeling.

  • If necessary, remove the hot water bottle from the cover before use and check the bottle and cap for wear and damage. Then put the hot water bottle back into a cover before filling.
  • When filling the hot water bottle, never use boiling water and fill to a maximum of two-thirds capacity or less. Do not overfill the hot water bottle, as this may cause the bottle to burst.
  • To fill the hot water bottle, hold it upright by the bottle neck and fill the water slowly to avoid hot water splashes. Do not use hot water directly from the tap, as this can significantly affect the life of the bottle. Instead, we recommend heating the water in a pot or kettle, but do not bring to a boil. If possible, do not use water with a high lime and copper content.
  • Remove the air from the hot water bottle by gently pushing it out on a flat surface until water is visible at the filling opening. Screw the cap sufficiently tight so that the hot water bottle does not leak. Hand tightening is sufficient. Make sure to tighten the
    Do not overtighten the cap. Lastly, check that the funnel is empty and the bottle is tight by inverting it over a sink and squeezing it gently. If possible, use the hot water bottle with a fabric cover.

Cover: 100 % cotton (organic)
Hot water bottle: natural rubber


Item number: 08-10125
Manufacturer: Grünspecht
EAN: 4260018196973
Packing unit: 1 bottle with cover
Scope of delivery: hot water bottle 2l

Safety instructions
  • Do not use abrasive cleaners, all-purpose cleaners or other cleaning agents!
  • Simply wipe the hot water bottle with a damp cloth.
  • After use, empty the hot water bottle completely and store it in a cool, dry and dark place with the cap turned out - preferably with the opening facing downwards - and protect it from direct sunlight.
  • Do not put anything on the hot water bottle during storage.
  • Protect from contact with oil or grease.
  • The supplied cover is removable and machine washable at 30 ° C.
  • Please note the care symbols on the cover!

Taiga Eco Rating

Sustainable materials
especially sustainable Material

This product scores in at least 50% of our sustainable materials characteristics, making it especially sustainable. Sustainability starts with the materials. That's why, when evaluating this criterion, we look closely at whether the product is made of natural or recycled or recyclable materials, and whether it is petroleum- or plastic-free. We also look to see if the materials are locally and organically grown.

Responsible production
especially sustainable Production

This product scores in at least 50% of our sustainable manufacturing characteristics, making it especially sustainable. Manufacturing is an essential step in the life cycle of a product. This includes whether a product is manufactured without animal testing or the use of critical substances such as genetically modified crops or palm oil. We also take a close look at whether it is produced locally and in a CO2-neutral manner. In addition, we check whether social sustainability, such as fair wages, is observed during production.

Sustainable packaging
sustainable packaging

This product scores in at least 25% of our sustainable packaging characteristics, thus meeting our sustainable packaging requirements. The packaging of a product has a major impact on the environment. Therefore, if the product has packaging, we carefully consider whether it is made of recycled materials and/or is itself recyclable. Plastic-free packaging and packaging that can be returned to a reusable system or that stands out due to particularly intelligent and sustainable packaging design score better with us.

Environmentally friendly use
sustainable use

This product scores in at least 25% of our characteristics for environmentally friendly use and thus meets our requirements for sustainable use. Even during your use, a product has an impact on the environment. That's why we look at whether you can use the product to save resources such as energy, water or materials. It is also important to us whether a product is repairable, durable and/or refillable.

unsustainable cycle capability

Unfortunately, this product still scores in too few of our characteristics for sustainable recyclability. This does not mean that the product is generally not sustainable, only that there is potential for more sustainability in the area of recyclability. A major challenge for sustainability is the integration of products into the biological and technical cycle. It is important here whether a product is recyclable, biodegradable or industrially or at home compostable. We also rate positively if the manufacturer offers a take-back system for the product and transfers it back into the cycle itself. Unfortunately, this product does not score in any of our characteristics for comprehensive recyclability.

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