Cork yoga block

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  • Yoga block made from sustainable cork
  • Natural, non-slip surface
  • Ideal companion at home or on the go

Delivery time: 4-6 working days



Delivery Time: 4-6 working days

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Immerse yourself in the world of yoga with the cork yoga block with flower of life and mandala from Berk. This unique yoga block made of sustainable cork is not only a practical tool for your exercises, but also a source of inspiration. The engraved flower of life and mandala create a harmonious atmosphere that deepens your yoga practice. The cork offers a natural, non-slip surface that provides stability and confidence. Use the block to deepen your stretches and improve alignment. Compact and lightweight, it is the ideal companion for your yoga practice at home or on the go. Discover the symbiosis of functionality and aesthetics and experience yoga on a new level with the yoga block from Berk.

That's why this product is great:

  • Yoga block made from sustainable cork
  • Engraved flower of life and mandala
  • Natural, non-slip surface
  • Deepens stretches and improves alignment
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Inspiring atmosphere for yoga practice
  • Ideal companion at home or on the go
  • Berk quality: a symbiosis of functionality and aesthetics
Application & Notes
  • Stability enhancement: Place the yoga block under your hands, feet or hips to increase stability and support during various yoga poses.
  • Alignment aid: Use the block to achieve the correct alignment in the poses for a more effective and safe practice.
  • Deepen stretches: Incorporate the block to intensify stretches and allow for a gradual increase in flexibility.
  • Versatile use: Experiment with different block positions to individualize your practice and adapt it to your needs and abilities.
  • Meditative focus: The engraved mandala and flower of life symbols serve as focus points and enhance the meditative aspect of your yoga routine.
  • Portable support: Lightweight and compact, the yoga block is easy to transport, making it a practical companion both for training at home and on the go.
  • Easy to clean: Maintain hygiene by wiping the cork surface with a damp cloth for a clean and pleasant practice.
  • Combine with other tools: Combine the yoga block with other yoga tools to create a personalized and supportive practice that matches your evolving skill level.
  • Source of inspiration: Be inspired by the symbolic engravings and cultivate a sense of connection and mindfulness throughout your yoga journey.

100 % Natural cork


Item number: 15-10044
Manufacturer: Berk
Packing unit: 1 piece
Scope of delivery: Yoga block
Dimensions (LxWxH): 23cm x 15cm x 7cm
Weight: 0.64 kg

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Sustainable materials
sustainable material

This product scores in at least 25% of our sustainable materials characteristics, meeting our sustainable materials requirements. Sustainability starts with the materials. That's why, when evaluating this criterion, we look closely at whether the product is made of natural or recycled or recyclable materials, and whether it is petroleum- or plastic-free. In addition, we pay attention to whether the materials are locally and organically grown.

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sustainable packaging

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