Aromapots pan with lid Ø24cm


  • Suitable for all types of stoves
  • Lid can be used as a trivet or tray
  • Well stackable due to its conical shape

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Aromapots pans were designed for RIESS by the dottings design studio in a timeless and simple style. An Aromapots pan is white on the inside so that the food is presented in its natural nuances. The outside of the pan is colored according to appetite (Pure White, Light Grey, Slow Green) and encourages individual arrangements of cookware and dishes.

The Aromapots are 100% made of steel and enamel and are equally suitable as a pan and baking dish. An Aromapot has no screwed parts made of plastic. This allows the pans to be used on or in any stove or oven, even at high temperatures. To ensure that the material expands evenly and the enamel glaze does not flake off, we recommend that you never heat the pan when it is empty and always at a low heat; after a short time, the temperature can be increased.

The conical shape of the Aromapots makes the series stackable - inside and on top of each other - thus saving space. When turned upside down and set aside, the lid also functions as a clipboard, bowl or plate for ingredients, wooden spoons, etc. Later, at the table, it takes over the function of a trivet. When placed upside down on the pot, it takes up little space when stacking the pots.

The material enamel consists of iron fused with glass at high temperatures, that is, to from natural raw materials. This enamel cookware can be used on all types of stoves (gas, electric, glass-ceramic, induction and even over an open fire). Thanks to the iron core, heat is quickly conducted and then stored: for sustainable, energy-saving cooking. Perfect hygiene is guaranteed by the non-porous, smooth surface made of glass. This is aroma-neutral and bacteria-inhibiting and also easy to clean. When used and cared for properly, enamelware gives pleasure for a long time and retains its typical shine.

Riess is currently the only tableware manufacturer whose production has a positive CO2 balance. Their factory is powered by electricity from their own hydroelectric power plants. They generate more electricity than they need themselves and feed it into the grid as green electricity.

We have Riess Aromapots pan with lid in 3 strong colors: White, light gray and green.

That's why this product is great:

  • Pan with two enamel handles
  • Lid with round enamel knob
  • Lid can be used as a trivet or tray
  • Diameter 24 cm
  • Stackable due to its conical shape
  • Energy saving due to extra strong iron core
  • Suitable for all types of stoves (gas, electric, glass ceramic, induction, open fire)
  • For energy saving cooking
  • Cut and scratch resistant
  • Suitable for oven
  • Bacteria inhibiting and aroma neutral
  • Easy to clean
  • Recyclable
  • Suitable for nickel allergy sufferers
  • CO2-neutral manufactured in Austria
Application & Notes
  • There are no limits to your imagination when frying in the Aromapot pan: steaks, vegetables or egg dishes are perfect in the low pan version of the Aromapot. In the oven, the Aromapot can be used ideally as a pan but also as a baking dish for quiches, cakes, etc.
  • Oil the rim of your Aromapot with a little vegetable oil from time to time to prevent rusting.

Item number: 16-10350
Manufacturer: RIESS KELOmat GmbH
Packing unit: 1 piece
Scope of delivery: Riess Aromapots pan with lid
Diameter: Ø24cm
Height: 11cm

Taiga Eco Rating

Sustainable materials
sustainable material

This product scores in at least 25% of our sustainable materials characteristics, meeting our sustainable materials requirements. Sustainability starts with the materials. That's why, when evaluating this criterion, we look closely at whether the product is made of natural or recycled or recyclable materials, and whether it is petroleum- or plastic-free. In addition, we pay attention to whether the materials are locally and organically grown.

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