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Kitchen equipment  

That the Kitchen is the most important place in any home is a simple fact. It's where people laugh, cook and eat together and a cozy interior is just as essential as the right equipment - especially for the person doing the cooking. After all, the best ingredients are useless if the necessary utensils are not to hand. While people are paying more and more attention to eating healthy, sustainable and, above all, organic food, there is a lack of Sustainable kitchen equipment often still a little. But that doesn't have to be the case - on you will find everything to do with sustainable cuisine.  

What do you need in a kitchen? 

Of course, how lavishly equipped a kitchen needs to be depends on how much you use it. However, if you like cooking and also enjoy spending time in your kitchen, you should take care of the following areas:  

Cooking pots and pans: Pans and saucepans are indispensable basic equipment in every good kitchen and play a central role in the success of a variety of dishes. Their versatility makes it possible to use a wide range of cooking techniques, be it frying, boiling, braising or stewing. The right Pans and pots not only facilitate preparation, but also significantly influence the taste and texture of the prepared food.  

Coffee maker and teapot: Also Coffee maker and teapots are indispensable companions in every kitchen. Whether French Press, Espresso maker or traditional teapot, they all have a clear function - because what's the first thing you think of when you welcome a guest into your kitchen? Right, the right hot drink. So the style of these kitchen utensils is just as important as their contents. Both together create a cozy atmosphere in your kitchen. 

Storage options: The right gadgets for Storage of food and crockery form the backbone of an efficient and organized cooking environment. Stylish tins and boxes are essential items of equipment.  

Tableware: The eye eats with you - that's the motto if you want to present your guests with a real culinary experience. Plates, cups, cutlery and glasses - All these things play an important role in a well-equipped kitchen. And all of this can be done sustainably!  

Baking accessories: Especially in the cold season, there is nothing cozier than baking cookies together with your loved ones in the kitchen. But this requires all kinds of equipment: Baking trays, cake and pie tins and kitchen measures should not be missing.  

Kitchen appliances: Finally, of course, you also need to think about electrical kitchen appliances: Kettles, stirrers, toasters and the like make your everyday life much easier, because who wants to heat a pot of water on the stove for every cup of tea?  

Which Kitchen equipment can I find at  

We have put together a wide range of sustainable kitchen items to ensure that your kitchen is fully equipped with all these things - so that organic starts with the cooking pot and not just in it. 

  1. Storage: For sustainable food storage, the sustainable storage and sealing tins from Riesswhich not only have a positive carbon footprint, but also make a stylish addition to your crockery shelf with their ash wood lids and bright colors. The freezer bags made from organic linen from nature-design or the reusable silicone bags from Pandoo particularly well. The organic brand also offers beeswax wraps for packaging fresh herbs or sandwiches.
  2. Baking accessories: In the baking area Riess our absolute favorite. Whether baking tins, baking trays, oven dishes or kitchen utensils: from classic black to pastel-colored enamel, not only the product range but also the color palette is fully covered here. Production is particularly sustainable, using electricity from our own hydroelectric power plants.
  3. Tableware: Classic wood or would you prefer enamel? There is also something for everyone when it comes to tableware. Salad dishes and cereal bowls from Fair Together impress with their timeless wooden look, while the modern bowls from Riess give every interior that little bit extra.
  4. Cookware: Pans, casseroles, saucepans, steamer inserts and ladles: this and much more is offered by Riess from sustainable production. The cookware impresses with its sustainability, quality and aesthetics - what more could you want?
  5. Kitchen accessories: For sustainable coffee enjoyment, the Scandinavian brand Grønenberg at the right address: Your espresso maker impresses with its particularly sustainable production and is made of 100% stainless steel, guaranteed aluminum-free. Fancy a healthy porridge with your coffee? To retain the nutrients in the oat grains, manually operated grain mills from KoMo the perfect addition to your kitchen. They are practical and give your own four walls a rustic flair. Last but not least - and considered by many to be the most important item in a kitchen - the right knife. The best knives are known to come from Vietnam, specifically from the brand Heritedge Viet Crafts. Their knives are not only sharp, but also sustainably produced and made from recycled materials. 

How long do high-quality kitchen items last? 

Anyone who pays attention to the high quality of the items selected when furnishing their own kitchen will be rewarded: high-quality kitchen items sometimes even last a lifetime. However, the durability of kitchen treasures also depends on factors other than quality. The care of the products is also crucial. Chef's knives - made of robust stainless steel or Damascus steel - often last a lifetime, but a little love and regular sharpening and care are also crucial.  

The Cookwarewhether made of stainless steel, enamel, copper or cast iron, is a long-lasting kitchen companion. A little tip: coated pans don't like it too wild, but with the right care, they too will keep their shine. Food processors, the heroes of the kitchen, can also last a surprisingly long time, provided you give them the care they need. Wooden and stainless steel utensils need some support and care - wooden utensils, for example, always need to be dried well before you put them back on the shelf to prevent odor build-up or swelling of the material - but if you stick to this little rule, not much can go wrong. 

How do I clean kitchen utensils properly? 

Enamel tableware: Caring for enamel tableware starts with allowing it to cool properly after use to prevent damage. When cleaning, it is advisable to avoid aggressive cleaning agents and scouring pads to prevent scratches on the surface. Use warm soapy water and a soft sponge to remove food residue. For stubborn stains, a paste made from baking soda and water is effective; leave it on for a while before wiping it off.  

Wooden tableware: Wooden tableware should not be washed in the dishwasher. Clean it by hand with mild detergent and lukewarm water. Dry wooden dishes carefully to avoid moisture, which could lead to mold growth. Occasional oiling with cooking oil protects the wood from drying out and preserves its lifespan. 

Knives: The correct care of Knives start by rinsing immediately after use to prevent the accumulation of acids and salts. Avoid the dishwasher so as not to dull the blade. Clean the knives with warm soapy water and a sponge. Regular sharpening with a sharpening steel or whetstone keeps the blades sharp and ready for use. 

Baking trays: When cleaning Baking trays First remove any loose food residue. Use warm soapy water and a sponge to remove stains. For stubborn stains, a mixture of baking soda and water, which you leave to work for a while, will help. Make sure to dry the baking trays thoroughly to prevent rust from forming. 

How can I recognize sustainable Kitchen accessories 

With always applies: everything you find in our store is sustainable. Some products also boast outstanding features, which we highlight directly on the product page with our Taiga Eco Rating. The Taiga Eco Rating also helps you to filter according to our 5 sustainability criteria (sustainable packaging, environmentally friendly use, comprehensive recyclability, sustainable materials and responsible production). Our standardized rating system provides you with a clear and understandable label for sustainable kitchen products. The Taiga Eco Rating allows you to see at a glance which products meet your requirements. This makes the selection of sustainable kitchen products easier and more transparent. You can rely on high-quality and ethically responsible products at leave. 

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