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Natural facial care 

The skin is our largest organ and also one of the most important. It envelops and protects us and is a good indicator of our health. But our nature is also reflected on the surface of our body. Our facial skin plays a particularly important role here. How we decorate, paint or care for it shows our fellow human beings who we are. So it's no wonder that special attention was paid to our skin thousands of years ago. Even in ancient civilizations in Egypt, Greece and Rome, the skin was vegetable oilshoney or other natural substances for skin and skin care. Facial care used. After new chemical ingredients came onto the market in the 20th century and found their way into the tubes and bottles of countless cosmetic products, there is now a clear trend back towards natural and sustainable cosmetics. Facial care.  

Is natural cosmetics better for facial care? 

On you will only find sustainable and fair facial care without harmful substances, microplastics and the like, because chemical facial care has a number of problems. 

Our facial skin has special requirements and needs that we need to pay attention to when caring for it. The skin is thinner and more sensitive than on other parts of the body and therefore more susceptible to UV radiation, environmental influences and chemicals. There are also more sebaceous glands on the face than elsewhere, which can quickly lead to acne or other unpleasant skin conditions if not cared for properly. Skin types also differ exclusively on the face: whether we have combination, dry or oily skin is also a decisive factor when choosing our skincare products. So it shows: Double caution is required on the face; many places now recommend that consumers* fall back on facial care without plastic, microplastics or chemicals. This is because such chemical facial care products can contain potentially harmful ingredients such as parabens, phthalates and aggressive fragrances. This can quickly lead to skin irritation, allergies and, in extreme cases, long-term health problems on sensitive facial skin. In addition, it is not only our face that suffers from chemical cosmetic products, but also the environment. Chemicals from skincare products quickly find their way into wastewater and pollute nature. So there are many reasons why it is worth switching to Natural cosmetics and Facial care without chemical additives to switch - if you're not already on board.  

Natural facial care - vegan, sustainable, fair? 

Awareness of the environment and sustainability has grown noticeably among consumers in recent years. This also has an impact on purchasing decisions that affect their own bodies: Especially in the areas of nutrition and body care, more and more people are paying attention to the fair, natural and vegan origin of their products and informing themselves about them.   

So what characterizes natural facial care?  

  1. Free from harmful chemicals: Natural cosmetics deliberately avoid the use of aggressive chemicals that are contained in many conventional products. Organic facial care contains only ingredients of natural origin and avoids the use of chemical additives. Organic products allow the skin to breathe better and prevent pores from clogging.
  2. Sustainability: In most cases, natural facial care also means sustainable facial care. Great importance is attached to environmentally friendly practices in production, shipping and packaging. The products are often biodegradable and therefore protect the environment. Facial care without microplastics, synthetic fragrances and additives, silicones or glycerine contributes just as effectively to skin health as it does to the health of our ecosystem.
  3. Rich in nutrients: Natural facial care products use carefully selected ingredients from nature, including plant extracts, oils and herbs. These natural ingredients are rich in vitamins, antioxidants and minerals that provide natural nourishment for the skin. They support skin health and can help to improve the skin's appearance.
  4. Respect for flora and fauna: In the vast majority of cases, natural facial care products are not tested on animals and vegan natural cosmetics do not contain any animal ingredients. There are now countless variants of vegan facial care: whether for mature skin, blemished skin or dry skin - there is a suitable match for every face.
  5. Skin compatibility: Organic facial care without fragrances and additives is particularly suitable for sensitive skin. These products minimize the risk of skin irritation and allergies. The use of natural ingredients can help to soothe and care for the skin.

How do I recognize natural facial care? 

To find out the skin compatibility, environmental friendliness and sustainability of individual products, consumers often have to fight their way through a maze of different seals and certifications, which can be confusing. COSMOS, ECOCERT, Vegan Society and more are all good starting points for making a well-considered purchasing decision, but it can be difficult to recognize all the criteria and understand their meaning at first glance.  

One solution to this problem is the Taiga Eco Rating. Our standardized rating system offers you clear and understandable labeling for natural cosmetic products. The Taiga Eco Rating evaluates products according to five strict criteria: 

  1. Sustainable packaging: The packaging of a product has a major impact on the environment. If the product has packaging, we therefore carefully check whether it is made from recycled materials and/or is itself recyclable. Plastic-free packaging and packaging that can be returned to a reusable system or stands out due to its particularly intelligent and sustainable packaging design scores better with us.  
  2. Environmentally friendly use: A product also has an impact on the environment during its use. That's why we look at whether you can save resources such as energy, water or material with the product. It is also important to us whether a product is repairable, durable and/or refillable.  
  3. Comprehensive circulation capability: A major challenge for sustainability is the integration of products into the biological and technical cycle. It is important here whether a product is recyclable, biodegradable, or can be composted industrially or at home. We also consider it positive if the manufacturer offers a take-back system for the product and transfers it back into the cycle itself.  
  4. Sustainable materials: Sustainability starts with the materials. That's why we look closely at whether the product is made from natural, recycled or recyclable materials and whether it is petroleum-free or plastic-free when assessing this criterion. We also pay attention to whether the materials are grown locally and organically.  
  5. Responsible production: Production is a key step in the life cycle of a product. This includes whether a product is manufactured without animal testing or the use of critical substances such as genetically modified plants or palm oil. We also take a close look at whether it is produced locally and in a CO2-neutral way. We also check whether social sustainability, such as fair wages, is taken into account during production. 

With these categories, the Taiga Eco Ratingto see at a glance which products meet your requirements. This makes the selection of natural facial care easier and more transparent, and our customers can rely on high-quality and ethically responsible products.  

What sustainable facial care products are available? 

We have put together a wide range of different natural cosmetic products for your individual skin care routine. In a classic 4-step routine, the Face cleaning the beginning: 

  1. Face cleaningWhether cleansing oil, facial cleansing lotion or a fragrant facial scrub - the possibilities for facial cleansing are endless, even in organic facial care. For lovers of natural facial cleansing, we particularly recommend the sustainability classics from Dr. Bronner's, Fair Squared or Lamazuna.  
  2. Face creamFrom Weleda to Fair Squared you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for here too. For example, the vegan and sustainable Hydro Care Day Cream from Fair Sqaured is suitable for all skin types and convinces in four of our five sustainability criteria.  
  3. Face masks: Who doesn't love them. Natural face masks with rich ingredients and pleasant organic fragrances are particularly tempting after a long, tiring day at work.  
  4. Lip CareLip care is essential, especially in the harsh winter months. The Skin Food Lip Butter from Weleda or Dr. Bronner's Organic Lip Balm is the ideal companion for your handbag or trouser pocket.   

Are natural cosmetic products generally better?  

Natural facial skincare is seen as a healthier option for the skin, and there are good reasons for this. These products use natural ingredients such as plant extracts, essential oils and herbs that are rich in nutrients and antioxidants. Compared to conventional skincare products, which often contain synthetic chemicals and artificial fragrances, natural facial care products rely on the power of nature to nourish and protect the skin. And natural cosmetics are not only better for our bodies: they also respect nature and animal welfare. Ethics and health go hand in hand in natural skincare products.  

What natural facial care can I find at 

Natural facial care offers you a healthy alternative for the individual needs of your skin. Our natural cosmetics facial care focuses on the power of natural ingredients without making any ethical compromises.   

Why is it worth looking for natural cosmetics at 

You won't find any microplastic additives or harmful fragrances and additives in any of our products. Our facial care range is specially tailored to the needs of different skin types and many products are not only organic but also vegan. Sustainability is used for capitalized. And also Transparency is one of our main concerns. No searching, guessing or puzzling: with our Taiga Eco Rating you can check each product against our 5 sustainability criteria and decide for yourself what is close to your sustainability heart. The filter options allow you to search for specific categories: Biodegradable? Vegan? Compostable? At you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for. 




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