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About us

About us

Sustainability only works if it can be easily integrated into our lives. That's why we exist: On taiga.green you can find the latest and most sustainable products from innovative brands, complete product information, a comprehensive filter functionthat takes you right to the products you want, and green trends and tips for sustainable alternatives. Because we want - just like you - a more conscious consumer behavior.

"As a customer, I don't want to worry about whether something is produced sustainably and fairly. I take it for granted, I want to be able to rely on my store to provide exactly that."
Axel Böhm, CEO

Change consumption sustainably.

As the largest contiguous forest area on earth, the taiga is infinitely important for our global ecosystem. The forests and soils of the taiga store huge amounts of carbon, making it a climate-stabilizing area as well as an indispensable source of oxygen for us. All this without waste products: A fantastic role model.

Our mission: to be a real sustainable alternative to the big known online shopping platforms. Because only in this position can we make it easier for you to store green and encourage manufacturers to produce more sustainably and socially.

Our vision: We want to achieve climate-positive shopping in the future. That sounds almost unrealistic and is, of course, still a long way off. But we believe in it. To achieve this, we are working on many levers along the value chain with manufacturers, suppliers, partners from the scientific community, and especially politically and socially. That's why - in addition to our product range - our focus is also on ourselves as a company: From the very beginning, we have been actively working on minimizing our own ecological footprint and becoming a social pioneer.

Join us on this journey: What we're working on right now and what our next steps are to grow as a shopping platform for sustainable products, you can find out in our Blog track

How we think sustainability

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All our products are cleanly researched and documented for you. We have developed our own criteria and a comprehensive Taiga Eco rating system, so that NO product enters our store that does not meet our minimum sustainability requirements. In this way, we pursue a common goal: Green shopping with a clear conscience! You can find out more about our Taiga Eco Rating at here.

Let's be honest, of course there are still no truly sustainable material or packaging alternatives for many products. For example, plastic cannot yet be completely avoided and sometimes even makes sense if the recycling cycle is thought through to the end and functions properly. However, there are various measures that we as a company can take or that you as a consumer can take to compensate for the consumption of resources and CO2 - so that more plastic is removed from the environment with your purchase than we send you in the product. However, step by step!

In the first step, we classified and evaluated each product for you with our Taiga Eco Rating according to 5 sustainability criteria. In this way, we make it possible for you to obtain sustainable product alternatives for yourself, your job and your leisure time. Everything on taiga.green

In the next step, we will look at the CO2 and resource consumption of individual products and are currently working with research institutes on a way to compensate for this in your purchasing. In this context, we are also striving for close cooperation with the manufacturers and our logistics partners, and together we are trying to raise ecological and social standards step by step along the value chain. We keep you informed about this in our Newsroom and social media up to date!

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We are always looking for new collaborations and exciting projects to advance our mission for a more sustainable future.

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